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Bennett also reports that people "who have spent time with" Melania and Donald Trump’s son Barron report that the 13-year-old has "a slight Slovenian accent".
Melania Trump suspects Roger Stone, a longtime ally and adviser to Donald Trump, of being behind the release of nude photos from her modelling past, a new book claims. That’s not how it works, many straight guys love watching gay webcam porn without actually being gay.
That’s exactly what you’re going to get from this. But to hear someone say to a largely secular audience that we need to confess our wrongs, admit our guilt, and be absolved—well, that’s much stronger, and usually more distasteful, medicine. Unfortunately, the pastor who talked up the liberation that comes from admitting you’re in the wrong now seems more interested in helping people understand why they don’t need to.
Why has the church so often made false promises of amazing sex to people who "do the right thing," while ignoring, scolding, or even rejecting those who don’t? But the way the book goes about doing so is by rejecting wholesale the idea of "sexual purity" and, with it, the need to confess sexual transgression.
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